November 30, 2021





All items are sold “AS IS WHERE IS” with all faults.All descriptions are believed accurate but there is NO GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.Bidder inspection is encouraged by appointment only prior to the auction.By registering and placing a bid, BIDDER signifies that they have accepted without limitation all terms and conditions of the sale and have examined the items to their satisfaction, or BIDDER has chosen not to personally examine the items. MacLean & Associates Inc. reserves the right to reject any bid at our sole discretion.All material is protected by copyright and any unauthorized use, reproduction, communication, and distribution of our original photographs or material is a COPYRIGHT infringement. You may not use or make available any material for commercial purposes whatsoever.Online bidders acknowledge that the bid increment may be changed by a floor bidder who “breaks down” a bid resulting in a possible tie. The auctioneer will do his or her best to acknowledge the pre-bid but cannot and will not be responsible if a bid is missed. A floor bidder acknowledges that the online pre-bid may take precedence over the floor bid if ending in a tie. The floor bidder has the opportunity to advance their bid but the auctioneer reserves the right to decide.Applicable taxes will be applied to all purchases unless proof of exemption is provided.A buyers premium rate 16% for all purchases. Payment type is Visa, Master Card only. No cheques are accepted.Payment is due at the end of auction. All items must be PAID IN FULL to be claimed. Pick up and removal of your items MUST be made ON DATES SPECIFIED unless special arrangements have been made with MacLean & Associates Inc. Please bring assistance with your for large items. Bidder is responsible for all movement of purchased items and furniture.Failure to pick up will result in a $75 charge to your account or “UNCLAIMED” items will be considered “surrendered” to MacLean & Associates Inc. The “surrendered” items will be donated or resold to the account of MacLean & Associates Inc. No notice will be given. Shipping is at the expense and risk of the purchaser.The sale is subject to amendments & modifications throughout the cataloguing period or up to the live auction of a particular item, any person participating in the auction shall be bound by the following terms and conditions:1.)MacLean (the auctioneer) hereby grants to the party whose signature appears on the bidders registration agreement or on the online registration form validated by registration of credit card, the right to use as shown here for the purpose of bidding at an auction sale to be conducted by auctioneers. Such right or option is sold and may be revoked at any time.2.)The bidder hereby further agrees that whether he or she is acting as principal and agent or an officer or director of a Corporation or otherwise in any capacity whatsoever the bidder is personally liable for the payment of the purchase price and taxes payable with respect to any and all lots for which the bidder shall be successful bidder at the auction.3.)Bidder acknowledges he or she has received to read and understands these terms one through 18 printed here and agrees to comply and be bound by such. 4.)The balance of the purchase price may be full paid in full before it or immediately after the conclusion of the auction. The bidder acknowledges and understands that if the bid is successful the purchase price shall be the hammer price plus the applicable buyer’s premium and any and all taxes. All payments shall be way of Visa or MasterCard . All online bidders registered to allow the auctioneer to process their purchases with credit card used for registration. 5.)Cash debit or wire transfer may be accepted for entire purchase with prior arrangements made with the auction house. 6.)Applicable taxes shall be paid to the auctioneer at the time of the sale. Purchases claiming exemptions from taxes shall provide proof of satisfactory to the auctioneer of the entitlement to such claim of exemption. In the absence of proof satisfactory to the auctioneer taxes shall be paid by the purchaser.7.)All articles will be sold to the highest bidder conforming to the bid process provided but that the auctioneer reserves the right to sell articles by individual group blocks and on blocks, as he or she deems appropriate. The auctioneer reserves the right to sell on behalf of third parties, its own account, or the account of others. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders or as to any bid, the lot in question may, at the auction’s discretion, be withdrawn, immediately put up again and/or resold. The auctioneer shall regulate all matters relating to the conduct of the option and his or her decision shall be final and binding on all bidders.8.)The highest bidder shall be the buyer and any disputes to the bidding shall be settled by the auctioneer at its sole discretion and the auctioneer may, at its discretion put any lot in dispute up for sale again. Any lots with ?reserves set by consignor? that do not meet the reserve, may not be sold unless approved by the consignor. The auctioneer is to regulate the bidding and be the sole arbitrator. No bidder may retract his or her bid.9.)All sales are final and on ?as is, where is? ?in place with all faults? basis with no conditions or warranties whether expressed and implied statutory or otherwise including without limitation, warranties or conditions, as to title, description, fitness for purpose, quantity, quality, merchantability, state condition, location or otherwise. No sales shall be invalidated and the auctioneer shall have no liability for a miss-description of any article or lot whether contained in a catalogue, advertisement or otherwise. Descriptions had been prepared for God’s purposes only and shall not be relied upon by the purchaser for accuracy or completeness. Please inspect all items before bidding. Purchasers shall be deemed to have relied entirely upon their own inspection and investigations.10.)No article shall be removed unless paid for in full and all articles purchase shall be removed within two days of the auction date. The purchaser shall be responsible for all costs of removal and shall be liable for any damage including without limitation any environmental damage caused during or as a result of the removal. Purchasers shall comply with all environmental laws and regulations and all requirements established by the auctioneer for removal of articles including requirements as to bonding of movers.11.)Where available documents of transfer including motor vehicle ownership documents which are in the possession of the auctioneer will be provided to the purchaser following the auction, within seven days, or as soon thereafter as such documents become available.12.)The bidder grants to the auctioneer a security interest in purchasing to secure payment of the purchase price. In the event of non-payment the auctioneer may proceed to file the bidder registration agreement as a financing statement to perfect the security interest granted by the security agreement.13.) There shall be no guarantees or warranties express or implied statutory or otherwise or any nature whatsoever in respect to the lot offered at auction. Each and every lot will be sold ?as is, where is?. Specifically, but without limitations, auctioneers make no represent total or warranty that any of the lots: conform to any standard in respect of safety pollution or hazardous material or to any standard or requirement of applicable authority law or regulation or are fit for any particular purpose or use or are mechanical or financial or are of any particular age year of manufacture model make or condition. Bidder agrees he or she is satisfied himself or herself and is not relying on auctioneers nor our auction is liable for any matter in respect to the above bitter further agrees to repair at his or her cost any law purchased at the auction to a safe operating condition and without limitation to a condition which meets any standard or requirement of the applicable authority of law or regulation including those concerning any use to which the lot may be put.14.)If the auctioneer is unable to deliver an article sold to the purchaser due to any reason whatsoever the auctioneer shall reimburse the purchaser for all monies paid to the auctioneer in spite of the article and the auctioneer shall have no further liability to the purchaser arising from or relating to such loss including without limitation any damages for loss or loss of profits.15.)The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any applicant the privilege of bidding or attending at the auction and may revoke such privileges at any time.16.)Time shall be of the essence. If a purchaser fails to make payment or remove goods within the time periods hereinabove provided the auctioneer may resell the article purchased by auction private contract or otherwise as the auctioneer in his or her discretion deems advisable. The purchaser shall be liable for the shortfall in any or all costs and expenses including but not limited to legal fees moving and storage a minimum rate of each five dollars per square foot per month and commissions incurred in such resale.17.)Bidder acknowledges that an auction site is a potentially dangerous place. Every person at the auction site before during and after the auction shall be deemed to be there at his or her own risk with notice of the condition of the premises the activities on the premises and the conduct of third parties and the bidder shall so advise his agents and employees. No person shall have any claim against the auctioneers their agents and employees principles for any injuries sustained nor for damages to or loss of property which may occur from any cause whatsoever.18.) A separate buyer’s premium will be added to the sale price of each item. Every item sold is as is where is, no guarantees or warranties whatsoever, please inspect the items before bidding, all sales are final, no exceptions.